Report on Pilot testing and adjustment of measurement tools

MAY, 31 2019

The deliverable D6.2 "Report on Pilot testing and adjustment of measurement tools" is now available in the Deliverable page

This deliverable reports on pilot testing of the first version of the worker’s satisfaction with the HMI questionnaire.

The questionnaire contains two main parts: I. Working conditions; and II. Satisfaction with the adaptive Human-Machine Interface (HMI), surveying also skills and capabilities of the users. In order to ensure
workers’ satisfaction and participation, the questionnaire also contains items on proposed modifications to the HMI.
The main objective of the Task 6.2 was to pilot test the first version of the questionnaire and make some adjustments, based on the results obtained from the pilot tests.

The findings of the pilot study demonstrated that the majority of the study’s participants assessed this questionnaire positively: in particular the overall satisfaction with the adaptive HMI was relatively high, as almost 90% of the study participants were satisfied or even very satisfied with it.